2017 was A 375-DAy PRACTICE OF CIVIC ACTION. Now, we are stronger together.

Thank you to all who dedicated their time and passion to publish each of the 365 actions in 2017. Thank you to each and every one of you that followed along the journey of resistance with us. Thank you to the artists who contributed to our 2018 Resistance Calendar, and all of the other incredible humans that have supported this project.

2017 was about building a daily practice, sharing information and learning from one another. Now in 2018 we are stronger together and prepared for our own unique journeys in the resistance.



A New Year’s Revolution started on November 9, 2016 when a small group of progressively-minded friends in Brooklyn and D.C. found themselves faced with arguably one of the most dangerous Presidents elect that this country has ever seen. On New Year’s Eve, they made a resolution to encourage collective, daily resistance to the incoming administration and its policies, and to fight for progressive change on a larger scale.

Every single day of 2017, our group of volunteers distilled the chaos of the news cycle into easy, tangible actions (the #DailyRevolution) on our website, e-newsletter, and social media platforms. Actions have included calls to our members of Congress on our shortcut number (202-858-ANYR), protests, and ways to care for ourselves, each other, and the environment to counter the hate and violence that seem to come with every phone vibration.

By encouraging civic engagement as a regular habit (a bit more fun than flossing, we’d like to think), the mission of ANYR is to cultivate a culture of social awareness and accountability that will sustain the resistance movement for years to come. 


A New Year's Revolution has been a group effort and would not have been possible without our awesome ragtag group: Grace Woodard, Tori Deetz, Mallory Schwarz, Annelise Jeske, Hilary Seeley, Tess Ranahan, Justine Skye Wilson, Isabella Gutierrez, Linni Kral, Aleksandra Prokop, Morgan Hamel, Rachael Petach, Eliseo Cabrera, Marion Bizet, Martin Loper, Jed Zaeb, Peter Schwartz, Josh Levi, René Kladzyk, Arielle Casale, Sade Johnson, Bethany Cole, Annie Mcbride, Mavi Phillips, Sina Sohrab, McKenna McKetty, Blanca Guerrero, Emily Clark, Alyssa Klein, the Us People (UP) collective, and many more.

We would also like to thank the artists who have worked with us to make our 2018 calendar possible and for continuing to inspire, encourage and uplift the resistance movement: Caitlin Blunnie, Sophia Dawson, Nicole Licht, Grace Miceli, Katty Huertas, Gheybin Comish, Jeanne Verdoux, Kimothy Joy, Roxanne Ravago, Marion Bizet, Favianna Rodriguez, and Ashley Lukashevsky.