You’re here because November 8th, 2016 brought some bad news, AND SO FAR 2017 HAS BEEN OVERWHELMING AF.


You’ve felt angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless. Well, you’re not alone. We said good riddance to the year that passed, and have come to face an ugly 2017. We’ve been here so far taking it day by day, to do whatever we can to make 2017 suck a little bit less and more importantly to help you embrace a new lifestyle of heightened civic engagement, social awareness, and accountability.

Whatever the new year and the new administration continues to bring we want you to be able to look back on this year and know that you took action and made a positive impact to offset some of the things that are still out of our control.

We are here with you at every step, providing some direction to help with those overwhelming, apocalyptic feels. 

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