Tell your #mypowerfulstory.

Performance artist, photographer, + filmmaker Mavi Phillips is starting a new storytelling initiative and wants you to be a part of it!

Her project #mypowerfulstory channels the power of storytelling as an initiator of change to combat the current dangerous shift in political climate and to enrich ourselves.

Participating is easy! Every other Thursday, Mavi will share a story prompt or question on Instagram (@mavi.phillips) with her photo for the day. She'll share her own story and a prompt, and ask you to share yours by using the hashtag #mypowerfulstory. The story you share is up to you, whatever comes to mind in response to the prompt. The photo may enhance your story or just be what you’re feeling that day. The only requirement is to be yourself and be honest. Your answer also doesn’t need to exist on social media, and may be shared in real life with a friend, a stranger, or whomever feels right. The goal is for the project will empower you: Show you that your story is important, that staying angry is important, and that together, these things will help spread change. 

This week’s prompt: 
In the time to come, helping one another and showing why our differences make us stronger is going to be more important than ever. I encourage you this week to share a story of an immigrant who has changed your life. 

Check Mavi's own response, or explore the stories of others using the hastag #mypowerfulstory on Instagram.