Women's March: morning prep

The Women's March is finally here and we are so excited!

The Women's March in DC starts at 10am at Independence Avenue and Third Street SW. Here's a map of the route: 

And if you're marching in a sister march you can find the meeting places and routes here

Here's a quick list of things to do before you head out so that you'll be sure to have the most effective, positive, and safe experience at the march:

  1.  Read the March Principles so that you can understand and align yourself with the vision and goals of the march. 

  2.  If you can, march with a buddy. Even if you're with a group, pair off so that someone in the group is always looking out for you. 
  3. Write the phone number of your buddy on your wrist. This is a safety precaution in case you are in a situation where you need to make an emergency call without access to your cellphone. 
  4. Also consider writing any personal medical conditions or allergies on your wrist or sharing them with your buddy as a safety precaution in case you are faced with a medical emergency. 
  5. Know the address of the place you are staying. If you don't have a home-base consider picking out a meeting space (a library or coffee shop for instance) where your group can meet up if you are separated. Here is a list of nearby locations that have designated themselves as welcome stations and will be opening their doors to marchers if you need a break or a bathroom. 
  6. Don't rely on your cellphone. Be prepared for being without service or without a charge by having important information written down on a slip of paper in your bag.  


Get your whole crew to download FireChat, a communication app which doesn't rely on cell service or wifi and instead uses bluetooth to communicate in large crowds where cell service may be limited. During yesterday's Inauguration, cell reception was reported to be poor at best. To keep your battery from draining extra-fast, switch your phone to airplane mode as often as possible.

Stay safe and observant of your surrounding. Look out for others. And take time to feel EMPOWERED by this incredible movement and SUPPORTED by the many thousands who are walking today for human rights!


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