Tell Chuck Schumer to get some skin in the game.

If you're a New Yorker, this one's for you! If you're not, scroll down to the last paragraph!
Our very own Senator and the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is doing a shabby job of leading the way in political resistance to the Trump agenda. So far he has voted for all four of the cabinet nominees whose confirmation votes have been held -- General Mattis, General Kelly, Mike Pompeo, and Nikki Haley. It's time to get on the phone and tell Schumer that if he represents you, then he’d better get better at resisting Trump's agenda. If you haven't already, this is also a good time to tell him to vote NO on DeVos.

Call Schumer today at 202)224-6542 (D.C. office) or 212)486-4430 (NYC office) and use the script below:


Extra points for calling Kirsten Gillibrand – NY's other Senate representative -- to thank her for being the only senator to voting NAY on Mattis, Kelly, and Pompeo: (212)688-6262.

If you aren't in New York, there's a good chance your Senator has voted for many of the cabinet picks as well. Check the links below to see how your representatives voted and then call (202)224-3121 to let them know whether you support or disapprove of their actions, and encourage a NO vote on DeVos.

James Mattis (approved 98-1)

John Kelly (approved 88-11)

Nikki Haley (approved 96-4)

Mike Pompeo (approved 66-32)