Support the Iran-Iraq earthquake relief effort



A devastating 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday, killing approximately 540 people thus far and injuring nearly 8,000. Leveled buildings and shelter shortages have left survivors to spend nights outdoors in near-freezing temperatures, and many are without tents, food, and water. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to help provide aid to these earthquake survivors.

Irna, the Iranian state news agency, reported that the death toll in Iran is about 530. Ten lives have also been lost in Iraq, which was struck in more sparsely populated areas.Thousands of people in Iran and hundreds in Iraq are injured, and tens of thousands are homeless and in dire need of water, food, and shelter from the harsh climate.

Iranian government officials stated that the quake damaged 30,000 homes and destroyed two villages. , and The Red Crescent Society reports that 1,920 villages have been damaged between 50 and 100 percent. Buildings in impoverished Iranian villages are often composed of concrete or mudbrick, which can easily turn to rubble in a strong tremor. While thousands of survivors huddle in makeshift camps for warmth and the possibility of shelter, approximately 270 aftershocks have scared many people into spending these cold nights out in the open. With an average of three strong aftershocks per hour and a lack of adequate aid, a sense of panic and desperation is spreading across the region.

Aid agencies have been dispatched throughout the earthquake zone, but road-blocking landslides and a lack of water and electricity are making supply delivery difficult. In some areas, survivors are trekking across towns to get water from tanks; others are drinking from rivers. The Red Crescent Society and Iranian army are using helicopters to deliver some aid and transport severely injured people to medical centers in neighboring provinces.

How you can help:

Unfortunately, U.S. sanctions against Iran remain in place, making a direct donation to the earthquake relief efforts difficult. However, a handful of organizations have special licenses to operate in Iran and take monetary donations from people in the U.S. For those who would like to assist the relief efforts from afar, the National Iranian American Council recommends donating to the following organizations:

  • Child Foundation: This Portland-based organization received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and directs its aid toward children, often providing recurring aid to children in need.

  • Children of Persia: A small charity based in Montgomery Village, Maryland, that focuses exclusively on Iran.

  • Moms Against Poverty: A small, Burlingame, California-based charity that has set up a special campaign for victims of the Iran quake.

  • Relief International: A small Los-Angeles-based charity that has done previous work in Africa and South Asia.