Go on the record to protect birth control access.


In October, 45’s administration took direct action against your right to affordable birth control with two new rules targeting insurance coverage of no-copay contraception. However, these rules must go through the public comment process, meaning we have two days to speak out on the record and make these rules so toxic that 45 decides it’s not worth the headache. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to submit your public comment, telling 45 #HandsOffMyBC!

These new rules will allow employers with basically any “religious” or “moral” objection to birth control to deny their employees insurance coverage of prescribed no-copay birth control, meaning the cost of your BC could go up to more than $1,000.  These rules are definitely a formal eff you to Obamacare — which aimed to increase coverage of preventive health care services like BC without extra costs — but according to Attorneys General from California to Massachusetts, they may also be unconstitutional. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said recently, “The federal government — under the direction of the Trump administration — broke the law and undermined the health and economic independence of American women.”

Until December 5th you have the opportunity to put your opposition on the record by making a public comment to the Department of Health and Human Services. Click here to use the National Women’s Law Center’s platform to submit your comment on the public docket. This means your comment and name may be visible as part of public record.  

Tell 45 #HandsOffMyBC!