Grab your wallet.


Money can’t buy you love, but it can be a powerful way to make a political statement. That's why this Valentine's Day (our favorite Hallmark holiday all year!), if you’re planning on buying a present for your boo, getting your self-love on, or are opting out of consumerism altogether tomorrow, you should at least do so responsibly by bookmarking this #GrabYourWallet spreadsheet.

We’ve learned that money talks, and whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any of the other 364 days of the year, you can use your hard-earned cash and your voice to send a message that you’re not down with the new administration or their policies. Created in response to 45’s now-infamous “locker room” remarks, #GrabYourWallet has led the charge on many recent boycott successes, such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Kmart and Sears, who have all dropped Trump family-owned products.  

Not only does #GrabYourWallet help you avoid companies that have donated to or endorsed 45, but it also provides a list of “100% Trump-Free” and “Brave and Bold” alternatives that have come out against the policies of the new administration.  (Don’t worry, Netflix is safe!) The spreadsheet makes note of if a company has taken an action to de-Trump themselves, and organizes businesses from most boycottable to least.  #GrabYourWallet also outlines the steps you should take to go beyond boycotting and let these businesses know why you’re no longer down with them. In short:

  1. Send an email to customer service

  2. Send an email to the company’s PR team

  3. Fill out the company’s third-party feedback form

  4. Call the companies on the list

  5. Use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to holler at the companies listed