Check your pulse.

Today, Valentine's Day, is about the heart - the center of this movement, which keeps us motivated and acting to protect and advocate for our communities of loved ones, family and friends.

As we're resolving to build a sustainable movement, it's important to consider the long game. The first few months of this movement have been impassioned, full of so much fire and persistence and rapid response. We’ve been charging forward, giving our 110% at every march and rally and with each phone call.

So we’re taking a moment to check in. Check your pulse. How are you doing, almost four weeks into 45's presidency? What are the issues that make your heart race? Are you doing your daily revolutions, whether ours or your own? Are you feeling exhausted and need some self-care -- if so what are the ways you can take care of yourself? Or are you fired up and charging ahead as an activist in a way that makes sense for you?

Daily action is as much about checking in with yourself as it is about making phone calls, boycotting, and protesting. The two are vital for building a sustainable resistance.

We’re reflecting too, and we’d love to know how you think we’re doing - what you love and what you want to see more of in your daily acts of resistance and engagement. Send us an email at, or hit us up on Instagram.