Tell your Rep to protect Title X birth control providers.

The House of Representatives is voting tomorrow to roll back a rule protecting family planning providers from politically-motivated funding discrimination.  This could seriously reduce access to critical healthcare services in many underserved communities throughout the country. We called our Senators about this last week, and now it’s time to hit up the House.

Call your Representative today and tell them to protect access to preventive family planning and vote NO on H.J.Res. 43.

Click here to find your Representative’s D.C. number, and Google their name to find the number for their local office on their official website. You can also try sending them a fax (yes, a FAX!) through a free online service like FaxZero.


Title X (“Title Ten”) is the only US government program exclusively dedicated to providing family planning and reproductive health services.  Title X-funded sites provide a range of services, including birth control counseling, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and HIV testing, referral, and education -- and yet extreme Republicans regularly target these providers, especially Planned Parenthood clinics. The contraceptive services offered by Title X providers prevent 1 million pregnancies a year, which translates to 501,000 unintended pregnancies and 345,000 abortions prevented annually. Beyond that, none of this funding can be used for abortion.

Despite the fact that the courts have already ruled against these discriminatory efforts time and again, these politicians are trying to make it easier for state officials to block people from getting birth control and other preventive health care.

For many, especially low-income people, people of color, and people in rural areas, not being able to get care from reproductive health care providers means they won't get any care at all. These are the folks who already struggle to access affordable care and they will be hurt the most if this effort succeeds.  Call your member and tell them to vote NO today!


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