Call your senators: asylum for Syrian Refugees.

Last week we watched as one tragedy after another unfolded on live TV. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can do during such dark times. Today, our #DailyRevolution is to call your senators and urge them support legislation to allow more Syrian refugees to seek asylum in the United States.

As a candidate, 45 claimed that not that many of the Syrian refugees were women and children (although estimates suggest 75% are), and threatened to send home thousands of refugees who had come into the U.S. under President Obama. And since he took office, his orders and policies have not strayed far from this terrible first impression. From the first Muslim Ban, which blocked all Syrian nationals from entering the U.S., to Muslim Ban 2.0, which suspended all refugee settlement relocations for 120 days, and reduced the annual number of refugees allowed in from any country – 45 has done everything he can to fulfill his promise of a Muslim ban.

But last week after witnessing cable news coverage of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of brutal  chemical weapons against the Syrian people, it seems 45 has had a sudden change of heart. The chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on Tuesday left 85 dead and dozens wounded, and shed light on the unbelievable devastation for many American viewers. On Friday, claiming he was outraged at the use of weapons against “innocent people, including women, small children, and babies, beautiful babies,” 45 launched an air missile strike on the Syrian airbase believed to be the site where the chemical attack originated.

How will 45 square his newfound compassion with the more than 11 million people (half the population of prewar Syria) who have fled their homes and are living as refugees abroad? Since he took power in January, we have taken to the streets, flooded the airports with supporters, and spoken out to fight the Muslim bans;  Now that the U.S. has initiated a military intervention in Syria, it’s essential that we push 45 to open up the U.S. to the thousands of Syrian refugees displaced by violence and war.


Call your senators today and urge them to put pressure on 45 and support legislation allowing more Syrian refugees to seek asylum in America.  

Call ANYR’s new beta number for a shortcut directly to your senators: 202-858-ANYR (202-858-2697)

Enter your zip code, and our new service will identify your senators and connect you directly to their D.C. offices. Also, you won’t get a busy signal or have to keep calling back. The call system does the work so you can multitask until you’re connected. Shout out to our talented friend who developed this game-changing tool.  You can also try sending them a fax (yes, a FAX!) through a free online service like FaxZero