Kick off National Preparedness Month.

This September marks National Preparedness Month (NPM) — which seems more pressing than ever, considering in the last week alone we’ve seen Hurricane Harvey devastate the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, an 8.2 earthquake ravage Mexico, Hurricane Irma tear through the Caribbean and hit Florida, and the looming Hurricanes Jose and Katia threaten to add to the already catastrophic levels of damage. These events are reminders that large scale disasters, of any variety, can strike at any moment. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to get smart and make a plan for disaster preparedness starting with a simple conversation over dinner.

Following the lead of Ready, a national public service campaign created to educate Americans on how to prepare for and respond to natural and manmade emergencies, the first phase of disaster preparedness starts with making a plan for yourself, your family, and your friends:

  1. A paper copy of family and emergency contact information. Make sure everyone in the household has a copy of this.

  2. Copies of important documents such as insurance cards and immunization records.

  3. Paperwork about any medications taken and serious or ongoing medical conditions.

  4. Preparing for specific needs in your household, which can depend on different ages of members, medical needs, disabilities, languages spoken, pets, etc.

Stay tuned for several more posts this month to help you and your community prepare for natural and manmade disasters. Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can — and should.

#NatlPrep #PlanAhead


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