NYC Primary: Go vote!


Today’s #DailyRevolution is to get yourself to the voting booth. New York City’s municipal primary elections are today, and it’s time to have our voices heard!

To truly participate in the revolution it’s our responsibility to use the power of our votes. The elected officials that we choose today will influence our daily lives in matters ranging from housing affordability to policing policies, and voting regulations to public safety. To skip out on voting means that our participation in the revolution only goes so far. And frankly, that’s not enough to revolutionize our cities and our country.

The reality is that the (very few) people who participate in local elections are senior citizens. That’s right, your grandparents have more to say about local policy than you do, and certain generations of our population are not being represented. The low turnout rate for local elections also means that your vote may go farther -- margins are much closer on the local level and your vote could make the difference.

Okay, so where do you go? Simply put your address into NYC’s poll site locator. Then click the location to confirm what hours they’ll be open. Make sure that you have a plan and have made your decisions before getting to the polls.

WNYC, with support from City Limits and Gotham Gazette, has put together a comprehensive voter guide to help you with last-minute prep. It has information about all of the candidates so that you can quickly and easily find the representatives who most closely represents you. Be sure to double-check the candidates on your poll site location as you have additional district-based elections on your ballot.

Be sure to post on social media, early in the day to remind your buds that election day is today. And that it matters.

For the Non-New Yorkers, we have information for you too! Every city has different voting dates and procedures so it’s important to find out how to get your vote in, and when.



Check out this YouTube channel which has a step-by-step video for EVERY SINGLE state and this list of all the primary elections dates made by