The anti-45 symbol: Spread it far and wide.


Following this week’s events in Charlottesville, publications like the New Yorker, Time, and the Economist, have published their plans for bold cover illustrations that undeniably link 45 to the KKK and Nazism. These publications are not worried about the images making people feel uncomfortable, to the contrary, ‘unsettled’ is the feeling that they are aiming to evoke.

A powerful symbol’s ability to capture a complex moment in history is unparalleled. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to fight back with the “anti-45” symbol, created by Austin based artist Mike Mitchell. The symbol, which combines the number 45 with a Swastika, surrounded by a “no” sign is something that may sound familiar: it has been heavily circulating social media over the past week in the wake of 45’s reactions to the Charlottesville protests.

Mike Mitchell created the anti-45 symbol to represent the truth behind who our president is at his core. Although he originally posted the image to his social media in February, it wasn’t until this week that the artwork went viral. In response to his art being embraced by the public as a means to protest, Mike posted a link to a high-resolution version of the anti-45 symbol and has asked us all to spread it far and wide. You can access the download link here.

Akin to the controversial covers of magazines like the New Yorker, the resemblance of this symbol to a Swastika combined with the number 45 is intended to make us all feel outraged. “anti-45” has the power to provoke conversation and action beyond 45’s racist motivations. There is a nauseating truth that is only now rising to the surface and into our country's collective consciousness: 45’s values are just one product of a continuous undercurrent of white supremacy that has existed in our nation since its inception.

We encourage you to download the anti-45 Symbol. Post it on instagram, make art with it, take it to the streets on protest signs, print it on t-shirts, make pins, put it in your window facing out to the world, or if you own a business, you could boldly have “anti-45” on display. There is no excuse for being quiet about racism, and the anti-45 symbol is loud. Racism in our country won’t be solved simply by getting 45 impeached, but right now he is normalizing and justifying ideals that embody the darkest forms of hate. Let’s  use the anti-45 symbol to call him out: there is an unapologetic racist in in the White House, and he needs to go.