Ask a woman to run for office.


Today’s #DailyRevolution is to ask a woman who you think would make a strong leader to run for office. Since the 2016 election, thousands of women have signed up to run for office. We’ve felt it ourselves, as our friends, families, and neighbors are getting fired up--some for the first time--about the lack of women in politics and the need for equal representation.

Our action today is inspired by She Should Run, a D.C.-based nonprofit working to inspire women and girls to be public leaders, and to give them the tools to get there. Since the election, they have seen thousands of women sign up to learn about running for office -- and we want to help add more numbers to that list.

Did you know … ?
In the U.S., women make up only 19 percent of Congress, and hold only 4 governorships, ranking us behind Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Nepal (among many other countries!) in this regard.  When women run for office, they win at the same rates as men, but they are recruited at much lower rates. On top of that, a woman has to be asked 7 times before she will agree to run for office. (On the other hand, men don’t have to be asked at all … ) Well, we’re ready to ask.

Who comes to mind?
Is it your outspoken friend who shows up at townhalls and argues for local ordinances?
Is it your sister who is so active on the PTA that she should probably run for school board?
Is it your aunt who is spending her retirement calling every member of Congress on every critical issue?
Is it you?

Why Women?
Simply put, having more equal representation in government means we have a stronger democracy with policies that represent more Americans.

But there’s more:
Studies show that when women are in leadership positions, they are more motivated by policy goals than power or prestige. When women are in leadership, they sponsor and co-sponsor more bills than their male counterparts. When women are in leadership, they are more likely to work across the aisle and to prioritize issues affecting women, families and children. (We’ve seen this firsthand with the Republican Senators who are the few voices to oppose defunding Planned Parenthood, fight the global gag rule, and refuse to dismantle Medicaid.)

Join us today in asking a woman to run for office. Maybe you’re the first ask she gets, or maybe you’re the seventh that puts her over the edge. Either way, let’s collectively encourage more women to run for office to show the world what many already know: Women make excellent leaders.

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