Call Tom Price. Flood the phone lines for birth control.

Another day, another GOP effort to interfere with women’s personal decisions: Today, birth control coverage is under attack and we are fighting back by calling Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price.

A New Year’s Revolution joins Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the National Women’s Law Center and others in flooding the phone lines of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price to demand continued insurance coverage of contraception without co-pays.

Thanks to Obamacare, all insurance plans are required to cover birth control without cost-sharing  (AKA no co-pays!). That means more than 55 million women now have coverage of birth control with NO out-of-pocket costs. Yet Secretary Price, MD (yes, a medical doctor) still doesn’t seem to understand the significance of this access or the importance of contraception in people’s daily lives.


Call Secretary Price today and let him know that we won’t stand for any attacks on the birth control benefit.

Here’s how to take action:

1.       Call Tom Price TODAY at 202-690-7000. If you can’t get through on that line, you can use the main HHS number: 1-877-696-6775 and hit 5 (five).

2.       Use the following script:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m from [STATE].

I am calling today because I am really concerned that Secretary Price will take away insurance coverage of birth control. Having no-cost birth control coverage from the Affordable Care Act has been so important to me and others across the country. I want to make sure Secretary Price hears from me: please protect this benefit. Our health and economic security depend on it.

*Insert a personal story about why birth control is important to your life*

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