Plan a clean up at your local hotspot.


It’s the frickin’ weekend! And your resisting ass could use some r&r! If your weekend forecast is looking sunny, you’re probably planning a daytrip to the nearest beach/river/lake/park to soak up some of that delicious vit-D. If you are, here’s an easy #DailyRevolution to incorporate into your enjoyment of the finer things in life: bring a bag and turn your #beachday into a #beachcleanup.

Yesterday was #WorldOceansDay and you probably encountered some reminders in your social feeds of what a tragic impact our profuse trash production is having on our oceans. The numbers are devastating. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic trash -- 269,000 tons of which is floating on the surface and referred to as the Great Pacific garbage patch. While the complexity of the impact of this marine debris is a relatively new area of scientific research, scientists have known for decades that plastic ingestion is a widespread problem for marine life, particularly seabirds and turtles. Marine animals who ingest these indigestible materials often find their stomach or intestines obstructed, leading to starvation and death.

The most important thing we can do about this is to create less trash. And the other thing we can do -- while we’re basking in some sunshine this weekend -- is to pick up after someone else’s trashy habit. So bring a bag to the beach (or river, lake, or park - because the ocean is always somewhere downstream) and spend thirty minutes picking up trash. Get your friends on board and make it a trashy party!