Denounce domestic terrorism.


On Saturday, members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and armed militia groups rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a confederate statue. A counter protest formed on the University of Virginia campus decrying white nationalism and racism. Clashes escalated, and a car driven by a Nazi sympathizer crashed into a crowd of counter-protesters resulting in the death of 32-year-old Charlottesville paralegal Heather D. Heyer, and the injury of 34 others. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to contact your state’s governor and your city’s mayor and ask them to publicly denounce the violence perpetrated by white supremacists this weekend in Charlottesville as what it is: domestic terrorism.

36 hours passed before the White House issued an official statement on these horrifying events, which clarified 45’s earlier tweet that blamed “many sides” for the “hatred, bigotry and violence,” -- stating that “of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazis and all extremist groups.” What the statement didn’t say, and what many Republicans and Democrats alike are calling for 45 to acknowledge publicly, is that this was an act of domestic terrorism carried out by white supremacists.

This silence from the White House is deafening since 45 is usually quick to lambast those he considers threats to America on Twitter, and has responded swiftly to terrorism in other countries. Yet he stayed silent while former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke said that Charlottesville would “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump,” and allowed white supremacists to rally and inflict violence and death in his name. Even 45’s National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, has called Saturday’s events terrorism, but it is vital that these words be clearly stated by our leaders -- and especially by our president, given his initial response to the situation. In the words of Michael Erik Dyson in The New York Times: “It is more dispiriting still to realize that the government of our land, at least in the present administration, has shown little empathy toward victims of white bigotry, and indeed, has helped to spread the paralyzing virus of hatred, by turning a blind eye to what is done in their name.”

Charlottesville is not alone: At least 30 acts of terrorism in the United States have been perpetrated by white right wing extremists since 9/11, accounting for a majority of Americans killed by terrorism on U.S. soil. It’s essential for our state and local leaders to demonstrate that they can recognize racism, bigotry and terrorism, as Minnesota governor Mark Dayton did with last week’s mosque bombing in Bloomington (45 didn’t have anything to say about this, either -- not entirely shocking since in February he removed white supremacists from a counter-extremism program, and instead is focused solely on Islamic sources).

Call your state governors and mayors with our suggested script below. Find the contact information for your Mayor on their local website and your governor here.


** Please be courteous, and if you have to leave a message, be sure to leave your city/state/zip code to be tallied! The quicker you get your calls in, the more opportunities there are for other callers to get through.**