Don’t Mess With Texas Women’s Health.


It’s no secret that women’s reproductive health is under attack across the country. Women have had a particularly hard time accessing critical health services in Texas since their Republican-led state legislature began shutting down clinics in 2013. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to fight for families’ access to care by urging the national Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to block Texas’ current effort to target Planned Parenthood.

In 2011, Texas kicked Planned Parenthood out of their state Women’s Health Program. In 2013, the state passed HB 2, one of the most severe abortion restrictions in the country, which forced many of the women’s health clinics in the state to shut their doors. Although the United States Supreme Court overturned the case in 2016, the state was not deterred. Texas has also refused to expand Medicaid, leaving millions of low-income families with no coverage and no access to basic preventive health care.

Reports have found that since 2011, nearly 45,000 fewer Texas women have received state-supported health services. Despite this, the Republican-led state legislature continues to do everything they can to prevent women from accessing basic care like the family planning, STI testing and treatment, and prenatal support that is provided by women’s clinics including Planned Parenthood.

Now the state government has applied for a waiver from the federal Medicaid program to allow them to receive federal dollars for Medicaid while denying patients access to certain clinics based on what services the clinics provide — namely, abortion. This means that the state will essentially be targeting Planned Parenthood with the federal government's full support.

This is our chance to speak out! Today is the last day of the open comment time period — an opportunity to share your opinions about this targeted effort with federal officials. Medicaid officials will read and tally every comment.  Go to and copy and paste the script below to #standwithplannedparenthood and all other women’s health providers:

Women and families across the country have insufficient access to basic health services. I ask you to reject the HTW waiver application that will only further limit Texas women’s ability to access health care. Women’s health clinics like Planned Parenthood are often women’s main entry into the health system and their primary source of preventive health care. By targeting these providers and denying their participation in Medicaid, the government would take away care from the low-income women and families who need the most help. This waiver is a clear attempt to further limit women’s access to reproductive health services, and does nothing to make Texas families healthier.