Get the facts on climate change part. 2


Ever find yourself overwhelmed by the realities of climate change and the certain future of an uninhabitable earth? We think about it every day, especially in the face of this administration's efforts to deny and obscure the facts about climate change. Today’s #DailyRevolution is to confront and share some terrifying truths about climate change.

From the moment he stepped into the White House, 45 has been working hard to censor and suppress public information about climate change. He quickly removed all mentions of climate change from the White House website, and in June announced that he would begin the process of withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord. Just last week The Guardian reported that United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) staff has been instructed to avoid using the term “climate change” and other climate change-related nomenclature in their work.

Now a very important federal report on climate change awaits approval from 45’s administration for public release. The findings confirm that Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change and that human activity is indeed the primary cause of climate change — facts that 45 and other members of his cabinet have attempted to shroud in uncertainty. Some scientists are worried that 45’s administration will change or suppress the information in the report.

So today, we start a series combatting #AlternativeFacts with a #ClimateChangeFact. We’ve pulled some of the most shocking and important information from New York Magazine’s recent article about the conditions that will likely unfold on Earth in the coming century if we don’t take immediate drastic measures to change our trajectory. And today we’re focusing on just one: mass extinction.


Today, contemplate and share the heavy reality of climate change with a friend, or share these graphics on your social feeds with the hashtag #ClimateChangeFact.