Go green with your sex life.

The weekend is great for some personal care time, which may include getting down with yourself or with a partner. Here at ANYR, we’ve covered plastics in personal care products and chemicals in tampons, so take a minute before you vibe out to check that your sex toys are non-toxic too! Today's #DailyRevolution is to make sure your sex toys are non-toxic, eco-friendly and to raise awareness about toxic toys.

In 2006, Greenpeace organizations in the U.K. and the Netherlands called for a ban on phthalates in sex toys within the European Union. Phthalates are plastic softeners known to be toxic and have been linked with cancer and neurological and reproductive issues. A Danish EPA survey on the health risk assessment of chemical substances in sex toys, found that sex toys known as jelly, are actually made out of plasticized vinyl (PVC), and the plasticizer content had the phthalates types DEHP, DNOP and DINP. DEHP can cause harmful effects on fetuses and fertility, as well as the liver and kidneys. No thank you!

Since the sex toy industry is unregulated for safety (not even by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unless the item falls under the medical device category), it's up to the consumer to do their research and make sure their sex toys are non-toxic. The Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) performs aftermarket checks and recalls; however, toxic products are still available for purchase. A good rule-of-thumb is to avoid items that say "for novelty use only.” BadVibes.org has some good tips, like checking a product’s form and function, and smelling your toy for chemicals. You can also shop at trusted retailers like BabelandGood Vibrations or Unbound.

The next time you go shopping, opt for a sustainable sex toy by trying long-lasting products made with natural materials like glass, stone, ceramic or surgical steel. Be sure to follow safety, cleaning and care guides for your products. If you’re tossing any unwanted jelly or plastic vibrators, make sure to recycle the batteries and dispose of these products safely! A lot of products are made with silicone, a synthetic polymer made up of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Silicone is great for sex toys because it’s non-porous and can be sterilized. And while it can be recycled (but you can’t just toss it in your recycle bin, it has to go to a special facility), it unfortunately will never biodegrade. If you’re buying silicone products make sure to they are 100% silicone and are from a reputable manufacturer.

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