Muslim Ban 2.0: send a message to your senators.

As you’ve likely heard by now, earlier this week 45 issued a new immigration ban Executive Order, after federal judges halted critical aspects of the first travel ban last month.

Coined the “Muslim Ban 2.0,” the ACLU has said this “new order is still a Muslim ban and is still unconstitutional.”

So what’s new about this ban – and how is it still a Muslim ban?

The New York Times distilled it for us in this article - an excerpt of which follows:

  • The ban is not immediate, going into effect on March 16.
  • Iraq removed from the list.
  • Current visa holders no longer affected.
  • Syrian refugees barred temporarily, not indefinitely, and refugees of minority religions no longer favored.
  • Refugees already granted asylum will be allowed.
  • References to support for the Constitution and other beliefs removed.
  • Details added about why the six countries were selected.

In short, the revised ban is a narrower version of the original ban. However, 45 is still suspending immigration from six majority Muslim countries - Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan - that he deems “terror prone regions.” He has blocked all refugees for 120 days and issued a 90-day ban on anyone entering the US from the six countries listed above.

In the face of this new, *still terrible* ban, what can we do to protest this discriminatory order?


Your Senators’ phones may be off the hook now that it’s the weekend, but you can still reach out to tell them to oppose the new Muslim ban via this ACLU messaging system. Personalize your email, and it will go straight to your Senators’ inbox.

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