#PinkOut: Show you stand with Planned Parenthood

Last week thanks to your support and outreach we took down TrumpCare.  But the fight to protect access to health care is not over -- especially for women.


Today’s #DailyRevolution is to #PinkOut and stand up for Planned Parenthood providers nationwide. This entails sending a message to Congress by calling your Senators and Pinking Out the internet and public events.

As they try to recover from this embarrassing defeat, Senate Republicans are gearing up to try once again to defund Planned Parenthood. This time, they’re doing so by passing an anti-woman resolution targeting birth control providers who receive money from the Title X Federal Family Planning Program.

If this resolution passes the Senate this week, it will seriously reduce access to critical birth control services in underserved communities. Take the following steps to help us protect this essential support for people across the country.

1. Call your Senators today and tell them to protect access to preventive family planning and vote NO on H.J.Res. 43. If you live in a Red or Purple state - be sure to call your Republican member.


Click here to find your Senators DC number, and Google their name to find the number for their local office on their official website. You can also try sending them a fax (yes, a FAX!) through a free online service like FaxZero.

  1. Show that you stand with Planned Parenthood by joining National PinkOut Day

    A. #PinkOut Online:
    1. Take the Pledge: Sign on, and we’ll share your #IStandWithPP petition with Congress.

    2. #PinkOut your Profile: Add a special filter to your profile picture.

    3. Share a #PinkOut selfie using #IStandwithPP. (Don't forget to wear pink!)

    4. Wear Pink

    5. Join the Thunderclap: Amplify our #IStandWithPP message on social media.

B. #PinkOut in person: Thousands of Planned parenthood supporters are rallying across the country. Find an event near you.

Together, let’s spread the word to flood the internet with PINK tomorrow and call our Senators to send a message loud and clear to Congress that Planned Parenthood provides vital services - and blocking access would be dangerous for millions of Americans.