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On November 4 and 5, social justice educator and activist Diane Goodman will be offering two day-long workshops in NYC “to support white people in becoming more conscious, competent, and committed to working for racial justice.” For white folks in the NYC area, today’s #DailyRevolution is to Do Our Own Work, and sign up for a workshop For White People Wanting to Unlearn Racism and Foster Racial Justice. For those elsewhere, take steps to organize a workshop in your own community.

After a summer of white supremacist rallies that left one woman dead in Charlottesville, it’s clear that 45’s election and existence has emboldened the white supremacy movement in the United States. While it’s easy to denounce the worst of the worst – the loud and proud white nationalist who crisscrosses the country spewing hate speech at universities – it’s much harder to look inward and examine our own complicity in the deeply entrenched system of oppression that is racism.

It is not up to people of color to teach white people about racism. These workshops are a great opportunity to do our own work, as white people. Participants will learn about systemic racism and how it impacts both white people and people of color, and take first steps to to become more effective allies in the fight for racial justice. Sign up for one or both days. The cost of the class is on a sliding scale, but don’t let the $$ scare you away: No one will be turned away based on ability to pay.

Sat. Nov. 4 - Systemic Racism - How it impacts white people and people of color.  

(9:30 am – 5:00 pm) - Location TBD

Sun. Nov. 5 - Individual and Interpersonal Racism - How we have internalized racism and how it impacts our interactions with others.

(9:30 am – 5:00 pm) - Location TBD

If you’re not in NYC, email to organize a workshop in your community. To get more involved in helping to dismantle structural racism, check out the national organization Showing Up for Racial Justice -– or  SURJ –  which has local chapters, events, and volunteer opportunities across the country.