Sign up for legislative info.



Today’s #DailyRevolution action is super simple: sign up for or go to your state’s legislation website. You can typically find your state’s website by searching for it on your web browser or selecting from this menu. New Yorkers can sign up here. The two words you’ll want to look for are either “bills” or “legislation” in conjunction with your state government’s website.

Why sign up? Some states’ (including New York’s) websites allow you to use your voice online. You’ll be able to give an “Aye” or a “Nay” on any bill, and you can leave comments to share specific thoughts. You can also search for bills by subject. For example, one of our #DailyRevolution actions last week was to watch the documentary about Kalief Browder’s story, which may inspire you to learn more about current laws and proposed bills on issues like solitary confinement, the death penalty, bail bonds, civil rights, human rights, etc. Just by searching by subject on your state legislation website, you can pull up any bills or laws that pertain to the issue of your choosing. Sites like this also allow you to see the landscape of these laws and the status of these bills and to “follow” the specified issue on your dashboard.

Essentially the reason to sign up for tools like this is to remain informed about what your local government is up to, and to have a first-hand understanding of the process of making a bill become a law. You can also use the site to message your representatives or senators directly (however, as we know from getting on the phone all year long, calling has been the most effective method for getting sh*t done ;) ). On these sites, you’ll also find local political events, political hearings, and information about town hall meetings.