Speak out against 45’s Arpaio pardon.


Just one week ago, 45 pardoned notorious ‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio. “America’s toughest Sheriff” has been accused of abuse of power, misuse of funds, failure to investigate sex crimes and improper clearance of cases, election law violations, and unlawful enforcement of immigration laws. Some of his worst actions have been: degrading prisoners by forcing them to live in "concentration camps" during 120 degree weather, and conducting round-ups, workplace raids, and traffic stops to catch and deter immigrants. Today, for our #DailyRevolution, we are putting this issue on blast and calling out 45 about his pardoning of Arpaio.

Arpaio was officially convicted of criminal contempt of court after he refused a judge’s order prohibiting him from racial profiling. 45’s pardon of Arpaio stretches the pardon power far beyond its original intent and lawyers are using their creativity to combat this egregious action of the sitting president. Some argue that if 45 can pardon anyone who defies court orders to enforce constitutional protections then those constitutional protections are rendered meaningless.

Not only does this matter in regard to defending the civil rights and dignity of our fellow Latinx brothers and sisters, but, according to the Washington Post, this could very well be the edge Congress needs to impeach 45. Congress has the power to act now, but most likely, no major action towards impeachment will take place until the Democrats have the majority.

To resist this appalling behavior, we must call it out! Today, let’s tweet, post, email, and/or write a physical letter to the White House saying we do not stand for 45’s presidential abuse of power. Let’s make our voices heard, and speak out for those who cannot speak out. If you know someone who is affected by this pardon, please affirm them by calling out 45’s defiance of presidential norms and constitutional laws.

Mail your letter to the White House at this address:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Or you can email the White House here.