This weekend, attend a Swing Left house party near you.

Remember the organizing group, Swing Left, that we posted about a few weeks ago? Since the events of November 8, 2016 (a.k.a. The-Day-We-Will-Not-Speak-Of), Swing Left has been rallying progressives around the country to meet, organize, and figure out how Democrats can take back the US House of Representatives during the midterm elections in 2018.  

Swing Left has identified 52 swing districts (areas where the last election was won by 15 percent of the vote or less) whose constituents will be targeted by volunteer phone-bankers and canvassers. If we win 80 percent of those districts, we’ll have a blue majority in the House again, giving us more firepower to oppose the GOP agenda.

So why are we spotlighting Swing Left again (besides the fact that they are doing great work and should be referenced on the reg)?

This weekend Swing Left is kicking off their in-person organizing efforts with 563 house parties all across the country!

In their own words, “Getting together at these meetings is such a pivotal part of building strong on-the-ground teams. You’ll get up to speed on your local SwingDistrict and discuss the plan for the months ahead. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll get to meet the folks in your community you’ll be working alongside to win back the House.”

So if you’re feeling guilty about not being more involved in political action leading up to the 2016 election, or if you’re concerned about the agenda the GOP is pushing and passing in Congress, now is a good time to act. Swing Left is a direct and easy way to get involved, alongside a community of like-minded people. Let’s win back the House, one house party at a time.

To find a Swing Left house party near you, or to host one, click here.

While some of the parties are already at capacity - many still have space!