Text your new BFF: Resistbot.


Since the beginning of the year, we’ve had a lot of calling campaigns to get the attention of our representatives on the issues that need to be addressed, and even created a D.C. shortcut number to make it easier to communicate with our members of Congress. We should be very proud of ourselves. However, some of us are still truly intimidated by the process. If you’re a person who doesn’t do phone calls or hates being on hold...this post is for you! Today’s #DailyRevoultion is to text your new BFF: Resistbot. Yes! The robots have joined the cause.

Resistbot is one badass way to get ahold of your representatives at any time. Simply text “RESIST” to 50409 and follow the instructions. Resistbot will find out who represents you in congress based on your zip code; you’ll then send a message which will be sent as a fax to your members of Congress in less than two minutes. This is a free service with no downloads or apps required! You can edit your message and preview it (in its new, professional, faxified form) before sending.

This creative way of contacting our politicians was created by Eric Ries and Jason Putorti, two start-up entrepreneurs sick of waiting on jammed up phone lines. They’ve had a great success since they began about four months ago. Resistbot is run entirely off of donations, and does not represent any particular party; however, the product is designed for everyone who opposes 45.

It’s important to remember that the best way to have your voice heard is to attend a town hall meeting or make a phone call. However, we don’t always have time or motivation to show up every time an issue pops up, which is like, twice a day at this point. Texting Resistbot in between your scrolls through Facebook is a good way to make sure you at least get the word out!

For today’s action let’s get ahold of our representatives using Resistbot. Choose from one of the call-in issues that you may have missed over the past week, and text RESIST to 50409.

Here are some potential topics to choose from:

Russian collusion: Call for a congressional hearing

Net neutrality Day of Action: Save the internet

Call congress to protect food stamps  


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