What a #DayWithoutAWoman looks like: watch our mini doc.

The #DailyRevolution

Sunday’s  #DailyRevolution is to watch our mini documentary: A Day Without A Woman / New York, and share it on Facebook! Tag friends you think will be into it, and if you are feeling brave, tag some friends who were critics of the strike, to show them a few real stories of how this day triggered immediate impact within the workforce.

On March 8th  while the streets were filled with women dressed in red, we assembled a team within A New Year's Revolution to visit some workplaces that were feeling the impact of  a #DayWithoutaWoman. We talked to the men who were on the job, and learned that in many cases, impact began in the days leading up to the strike.

We saw workers in the education, service, and transportation industries embrace the strike as an opportunity to improve company culture, address longstanding issues in their respective sectors, and open up the general topic of equality, on a company wide level.

A Day Without a Woman had impact beyond transforming International Women’s Day into a day of resistance. The days leading up to March 8th, presented a bold opportunity to have courageous conversations about the intricate dynamics of inequality at play within every workplace. A Day Without a Woman also helped break the ice on topics that are considered politically taboo conversations to have at work.