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Today we are saying thank you for your commitment, fortitude, and love this year, and gearing up for 2018. In lieu of actions every single day à la 2017, for 2018 we have designed our 2018 Wall Calendar and Online Toolkit to help you incorporate activism into your personal schedule. On this final day of 2017, your #DailyRevolution is to check out our 2018 wall calendar, subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and #WriteYourRevolution for 2018.

Moving into 2018, A New Year’s Revolution will continue to embrace the “new year, new you” commitment to growth and activism. Our 2018 wall calendar includes 100+ actions to help support your resistance, and awesome action stickers to help track your progress throughout the year.  While the actions in our 2018 calendar are not news-cycle-dependent, we will continue to defend against any number of harmful political, social, and environmental assaults in the coming year, as we did over the past 365 days.

Revolution starts with you, so kick off the year (and the rest of your life!) right by committing to a resolution of making 2018 a year of action and resistance. Today, share your revolution with us. Dig deeper to add more detail to your revolution: What issues propelled you to action in 2017, and what is most important to you going forward?

If you have our wall calendar, write your revolution in January’s revolution box; otherwise, write it down and post it to your wall. Then take a photo with your 2018 revolution  and share it on social media with the hashtag #WriteYourRevolution. We’re stronger together and are thrilled to resist with you in 2018!