We'd like to thank our partner organizations:

Town Hall Project - Hold members of Congress accountable and make your voice heard.  The Town Hall Project empowers constituents across the country to have face-to-face conversations with their elected officials. This progressive organization researches every district and state for public events with members of Congress, making it simple for you to participate in the democratic process.

5 Calls - Make calls to your government with confidence. 5 Calls provides you with news on the latest critical legislative issues along with a list of representatives’ names, phone numbers, and short call scripts based on your zip code. By making your voice heard, you can help influence your representatives’ positions.

Swing Left - Help take back the House in 2018. Swing Left makes it easy to support your closest Swing District in the midterm elections. Get matched with a team near you and opportunities to canvass and fundraise for candidates. You will be trained on best practices and provided with the tools to start knocking on doors. Join this growing grassroots movement of hundreds of thousands of people across the country working to flip the US House of Representatives blue!

Resistance Calendar - Keep showing up. Resistance Calendar empowers activists and organizers by providing a massive central listing of upcoming progressive events aggregated and pulled from more than 2,400 organizations. Bookmark, share, and find or add demonstrations, rallies, and other events near you.



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