How to get started:

  1.  Write your revolution. Read our post for inspiration. You can join this movement at any point in the year! 2017 is 365 days long.
  2.  Find your ally. Reach out to a friend who would be into this idea too and make it a reason to get together, talk about important issues, and take action.
  3. Keep it up. Typical 'new year's resolutions' fall off by February. That's where this is different. Each day that passes with the new administration will bring a new urgency to take action. We are here with you at every step, providing some direction to help with those overwhelming, apocalyptic feels. 


  • Post your daily revolution on instagram
  • Tag us @anewyearsrevolution
  • Tag your friends on our daily posts to challenge them to the daily revolution.
  • Use the hashtags: #anewyearsrevolution #takeback2017 #writeyourrevolution